liQen project

What is this project about?

LiQen Project seeks to collect qualitative data from citizens crowdsourced using web and mobile apps aim to discover territorial controversies among cities in the world.

A controversy in this context ocurred when different norms and laws inform us about the acceptable level of noise in our cities, planning and design our lifes in terms of how noise we should take in our lifes. Due that situation, ask and collect perceptions turns on a valuable asset to understand when the norm is not aplicable or is has not a correspondancy with particular situations on a small part of the city.

At the moment we have created a prototype which have been presented at Visualizar 2016, where we are comparing noise pollution data from smart citizen environmental sensor network with data harvested for volunteers in three different cities: London, Madrid and Santiago.

We choose those three cities as our starting point to show the power of our tool in terms of mapping and collecting perceptions. then we want to add more cities and more variables to measure, as air, light or visual pollution, among others.

Our results will be presented on a data visualization showing a comparision between a quantitative measure (sensors) and a qualitative perspective (volunteers). Also, as an inmersive experience we included the level of sound for each city, to deliver a more emotional relationship with the data.

This project is lead by Common Action Forum, an international non-profit foundation established in Madrid, Spain, in 2015 to build independent platforms of cooperation, research, innovation and advisory, empowering global citizens to address socio-political issues and economic inequalities.