Human sensor tool

Identifying Urban Environmental Controversies


liQen is a project aim to discover territorial controversies in different cities around the world. Thanks for taking the time to cooperate.

  1. Before starting, please have a moment to calibrate your audition to this place in particular. Just place yourself quitely in this spot for five minutes.
  2. After that, please identify activities sorrunding you inspecting and visualizing elements from your nearest environment
  3. Now, let's get into the questions!
Choose the nearest sensor You need to configure your device

Or choose it manually:

From where did you come?
About the environmental noise...
Which is the source of the noise?
According to you, this area is?
Do you considere that falling asleep in this area must be...?
Could you work on an environment with this level of noise?
About your residencial area, would you say the noise there is:
Do you think the noise here is...
Would you considere living in this area?
Do you think the noise in this area during the day is...?
In comparission with the starting moment of this survey, the noise now is...?
Disclosure This is a research project run by a group of citizens. Your answers would never be public or know by a third party, just the general result.